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In the name of God / What is the science of physical training and sound.

The first twig / What is the long-distance run /

An initial general article on the subject.

In the name of God / At the beginning of our conversation – we ask permission of the site’s surfers in the desire to speak in a language closer to the vernacular to address all social groups and age groups.

Accordingly, running long distances is a great job, whether in the first stage for the beginner, who exercises three times a week in good health, or for the old runner who exercises daily, and even for the professional runner who exercises twice a day, morning and evening. Abdul Karim, may God have mercy on him

/ Or throw it to be more specific ‘Long distances are used for specific distances starting from the 5000-meter race to the marathon’ or more as a distance of 50 km’, but the distances 5000′ 10000′ marathon are the distances approved by Olympia.

A word of truth that must be explained is that running long distances does not require a specific muscular pattern, so it does not matter the length or the shortness – each of them has its strengths and weaknesses – and in the end, the one with the best exercise, the strongest determination and the smartest mentality is Eli Bicks.

The important thing is that you be light and do not eat anything that you eat or drink to drink. For example, you do not drink carbonated water day and night, nor the so-called energy drinks, as they are both unhealthy and cause weakness in the bones and affect the vital organs due to the excess caffeine and industrial materials used in the manufacture. Fast and I mean foods saturated with fat, such as hamburgers and the like. As for grilled fish and chicken, I don’t mind eating them, but I make sure that the first shop is clean.

Koshary is also working, and the beans, if without oil or with olive oil, and the latter is all at home, because sometimes in the shops it is not available, and when you answer it, it will be parked and it may tire you rigidly.

Running long distances is in fact a lifestyle, and we mean that most of the champions did not do professional training, but they would run for any reason.

The Kenyan children go to school, they ran 6 to 7 km in the morning and their uniforms in the evening because they don’t have transportation and they don’t have to go back and do that for about ten years’ and you have the global runner / Hisham El Guerrouj. His mother used to let him go. He ran to get bread from his father’s shop and his sister was measuring time for him back and forth and from here they discovered His talent was also playing soccer, ‘I personally used to walk back from school sometimes in middle school and carry the suitcase for a distance of 5 to 6 km, and before that I ran in elementary school about one km in the morning to catch the school bus before I missed me, and that was several times a week. All that and after that, practicing a combat game helped me create a sports base that enabled me, when I trained in an organized manner, to run the half marathon in less than an hour and eighteen minutes.” At the age of twenty-four, that was my first international half marathon in which I competed, and fortunately, I won that race, praise be to God. And by the grace of God, he was in Luxor, in Upper Egypt. .

Hence, it becomes clear that the lesson in running from childhood, youth, or even walking, whatever the reason is urgent: “You run from someone to run after someone. The important thing is to practice physical activity that establishes a future sports base that will help you in professional training from 18 years to what God willing” or before that as a world champion / Hicham El Guerrouj, who started the legal training at the age of thirteen.

And we have already said that the important thing is to be light in weight and to perform global and realistic examples, so here is the legendary runner Haile Gebrselassie.

His height is one meter and sixty-five centimeters, and his weight is fifty-six kilograms. He is 65’1 cm, and he weighs 56 kilograms. You have Moroccan origin, Khaled El-Khanoushi, the previous world record holder for the marathon, which is 37’5d’2 x, his length is 67’1 centimeters, and his weight is 57 kilograms.

We benefit from this that the difference between height and weight is approximately minus ten kilograms in favor of weight, so the difference between height and weight for Khaled Al-Khannouchi is about ten kilograms in favor of weight, bearing in mind that the difference increases in relation to height, especially above “80” 1

The important thing is if the player lettuce is because of the exercise with healthy contemporary food for him, and not because he is doing a diet.

We report here that the long-distance runner should not do a diet to lose weight, it is sufficient to organize exercise with healthy, balanced food without starving himself and automatically the athlete will lose weight and, God willing, the increase will never return as long as he exercises regularly.

And last but not least, the marathon is the summit of the challenge in the long-distance run – the marathon champion, especially the Olympic marathon champion – is known as the absolute champion – and the marathon goes back to the ancient Greeks when the Persians attacked them when they came across the shore of the village of Marathon. The army from Athens to the village of Marathon and the Greeks defeated the Persians. The soldier / Phidippides was a warrior and witness to the triumphant victory of the ancient Greeks

On the horse in the village of Marathon, and from the intensity of his joy, he ran on his feet from the village of Marathon to the city of Athens

And that was for a distance of 40 km – 25 miles – and as soon as he arrived, he said the words of victory to the citizens of Athens, we have won, we have won, before he collapsed from extreme fatigue to immortalize the highest signs of athletic achievement represented in the marathon race.

And the first Olympic Games in 1896 AD, won the marathon by the Greek runner spirido N Louis

One of the funny stories is that Greece did not win any gold medal before this race, and the great people in Greece decided that great prizes would be given to the Greek runner who would be able to win this race. The owner of a decorating store said that he would shave the winner’s head if he was a Greek for life, and another said that he would marry him to his only daughter, but the Greek hero was married.

At the 1908 Olympics in London, the royal family wanted to watch the start of the race, so the race was returned to Windsor Castle E وزادت المسافة وفقًا لذلك إلى 195 ’42 km أو 2’26miles

The fever of marathons began to spread throughout the world after 1908 due to the extreme fatigue that afflicted the Italian athlete in those Olympic Games – as the marathon ran then and to this day it became clear that trying to run without sufficient numbers is a risk – “perhaps the most famous of which is the Boston Marathon” and the London Marathon “and the Paris Marathon Currently, several races have been added to them, such as the Dubai World Marathon in the United Arab Emirates, the Casablanca Marathon in Morocco, and the Egypt International Marathon in Luxor. The first age is more than a century and the last is twenty-one years old.

Elite saying / We want to give advice to God, run for your health and enjoy training, competitions, winning and losing this is the product of our Lord, but take the reasons and learn from your mistakes and do not fear the competitor, whatever his name or history, and I know that commitment, perseverance and hard work is the way to excel in life in general and in running in particular…

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