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great Victory run Egypt’s Best 10k 2023

Welcome To Egypt Dear Runners 

Run on The footprints of the Great Champions in Great Victory Run Egypt’s Best 10k on 20 of October 2023

All Race Main information You Can Find Here : Click Here 

So To Run For Victory in Month of Victory in Egypt , in First WA CERTIFIED 10km Road Race & Frist Full member of AIMS , IN EGYPT RUNNING HISTORY , REGISTER BY CLICKING ON BUTTON BELOW  .

Third : Great Egyptian River Nile Marathon on Fri 12 of April 2024

 Egypt Gift of River Nile)  because Ancient Egypt owed its survival to the Nile , This word Said By Herodotus, The Greek historian , For That Great Pharaohs Runners Team , Want To Make This Word Survive Forever
 By Organizing ( The Great Egyptian River Nile Marathon ) This Running Festival Which Will Be
 in the Heart of
 El-shorouk City – Cairo
  includes Four Races 42.195k +21.0975k +10k+5k . Main Route Will Be 21.0975k Big Lap , Runners Will Run  once For Half Marathon and Twice For Full Marathon. This Route is Very Fast in First 6.5kms and also between 18.5k To 17.5k points , Rest of The Distance Flat But include Few up Hills and Down Hills The longest less Than 400 Meter and incline less Than 5% This Route mix Between Fast Run and Tactical plans , Make You Get Best Experience in Marathon Running
 * Route pass through City Landmarks like  Doctor Mohamed Mashali square 

 * REGISTRATION OPENS 15 OF ِAugust 2023

Great Freedom Run Egypt’s Fastest Half Marathon on Fri 22 of Dec 2023

( Way To Freedom in Life )

( Hello Dear Runners) 

As Mr Eluid kipchoge Said ” only Discipline people are Free in life , if you not Discipline You are Slave To Your Emotions and Habits , From This Word And our Historical Background For our Country Egypt Land of Pharaohs , Which passed To Great Revolutions 25 of January 2011 & 30 of June 2013 , To make Egyptian Nation Free and Can Rule Their Destiny, Great Pharaohs Runners Company Began To Manage Very Special Race With very unique Race Course , Course Make The Runners Can Rule Their Running pace For New PB For Every one , This Race Will Be in , El-Shorouk City Cairo , on 22 of Dec 2023 , on Very Flat Route With Real Best Conditions Climate Between 9-13 Degree on Very Green Route , Race Began And Finish on Freedom Road , All Circumstances lead us To perfect performance  in perfect Day , Race Became First 21.1 km Race in Egypt Running  History Enter WA Label Road Race Program *

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