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In the name of God the strong strength / body strengthening exercises for joggers

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. He likes to start by explaining that running strengthens more muscles than others. From a biomechanical point of view, running strengthens the upper shoulders, abdomen, and lower back, and from the bottom strengthens the back muscles, the calves, and sometimes the front quadriceps muscle in the case of running the hills, and according to the rest Muscles of the body the positive effect of strengthening is weak, and then there is an imbalance in the balance of forces between the muscles, and if the athlete does not treat that imbalance caused by the imbalance of forces between the muscles

It is a matter of time before the injury, which may lengthen the joints and vertebrae, especially the knee joint and the lumbar muscles in the back, so this balance must be achieved by performing a variety of Swedish exercises for the whole body after training, with a share of weights on other days, and weights must be light from a quarter to a third of the total weight of the athlete And, of course, heating on the run or on the bike before and after these exercises for at least 15 minutes, and until you write an article explaining that branch as much as possible – and without forgetting the statement of the medical and Swiss professional ball exercises if that branch is underlined – we will present you with that educational video about the best strengthening exercises for runners.

Finally, it must be stated that the science of bodybuilding in particular and strengthening the body in general is free and wide, so we advise you to buy professional bodybuilding books and magazines and implement what is stated in them by letter to prevent injuries, and do not forget to always train with light weights as long as you are a medium or long distance runner and if you go to fitness centers, choose The best of them is the reputation and never take any nutritional supplements or tablets, even if you were told by your coach in the hall that they are not harmful at all, and content with healthy, natural food rich in protein – see sports nutrition for runners – and hydration, and early sleep – ten in the evening at most – to increase secretion Growth hormone and its influence on positive muscle growth, and happy follow-up to the video.

(Note: This section is part of the research article on the science of physical training for middle and long distance runners).

Followed, God willing, and preserved, and the image of the world-class Egyptian shooter, Nagy Asaad, when he was honored by His Excellency the President of the Republic, President / Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, may God have mercy on him *

 * I followed the grace of God Almighty.

   * The article explaining the exercises needed to strengthen the body as a whole / divided into the Swedish exercises, the training with weights (baladi iron and equipment), the medical ball exercises and the Swiss ball.

  This research will be divided into three sections:

 The first section / Al-Suwaidi exercises, which is a group of exercises whose performance depends on the body weight of the person performing them.

 It is important to strengthen the body in the upper and lower part of it to ensure that no injuries occur due to the imbalance between the muscles of the body in terms of strength, for example / weakness of the quadriceps muscle in the athlete’s leg – that is, the entire front muscle – injuries to the knee joint of the athlete can occur.

As for the most important exercises of Al-Suwaidi /                   

For the arms / A – training the body pushing up from the prone position, and we mean pressure training

 The distance between the arms should not expand more than the width of the shoulders, provided that you take an inhale when descending and exhale when pushing the body upwards. The training is performed in the form of groups, for example / ten repetitions in four sets for a total of 40 repetitions, provided that your eyes look forward and not to the ground when training to ease The weight resulting from the weight of the head from the center of the body.

You must tighten your abdomen with the straightness of your back when performing the training.

By the grace of God, we have put for you two videos of push-up exercises, the first showing the correct posture when performing the training, and the second with strong exercises for those who are experienced in these exercises, and both of them are on the second page of the video library in the seventh grade. Scroll down to the end of the first page of the video library and click on No. 2 below.

 B – Mind exercise / or lifting the body up from the position and standing still while attached and without touching the ground.

It has three basic forms: the first is that the palm of the hand is facing the face and the body, and here the distance between the arms should be less than the width of the shoulders, and then ascend upwards, provided that you expel the exhale when ascending and take an inhale when descending.

The second / that the backs of your hands face the body, provided that the distance between your arms is equal to the width of the shoulders, then you go up to reach your face and be at the same level as your hands in terms of height and then descend

  And the third / is to grab the bar with a fist wider than the width of the shoulders and the backs of your hands face the face and then go up, provided that you try to make your shoulders from the back, or at least your head from the back, to reach the bar from above, taking into account the proper breathing. Exhale, and the goal of breathing in this way is to relieve the internal pressure in the body when performing these good exercises.

And we put a nice video that contains the various training of runners, and it includes a lot of pull-ups, and it is on the second page of the video library in the seventh grade, the third and the last video in the seventh grade on that page, the first of them on the following link attached.


   As for the chest and back muscles, there are several exercises, the most famous of which are.

 A – Pressure / as indicated previously / and has several forms, including it

 The push up in a fist position – the hands are closed and shoulder-width apart – and it can be done with the two fists sticking together and it is more difficult. The usual pressure can be performed, but with your feet raised on a table 60 cm high, with tightening the abdominal muscles and straightening the back when performing these exercises while looking forward as we mentioned above.

 As for strengthening the back and the muscles of the hind arms – and we mean the triceps – you can sit on a table that is 60 cm high, then put your hands at your side, and then stretch your body forward so that your body is in a semi-suspended position, with the support being on the heels of your feet with the arms, then you begin to go down until The muscles of the buttocks almost touch the ground – ie the buttocks – and then stretch your arms again.

 There are exercises for the lumbar muscle in the back – which is in the lower back – so you can sleep with your face facing the ground, then put your hands next to you, spread out back, and then try to raise the upper and lower part of the body simultaneously, a simple lift of 15 cm from the ground. Almost or a little more, depending on the length of the athlete with the regulation of breathing. When descending, you take an inhale, and when you ascend upward, you exhale, in order to relieve the internal pressure in the body when performing these exercises, as we mentioned.

And we put a video on strengthening the center of the body in general, and it is in the first video at the beginning of the last row on the second page in the video library for a great marathon champion. Watch the video on the attached link and good luck.


  As for the athlete’s legs, there are several specific exercises that have two benefits. The first is to increase endurance because they are aerobic exercises. The second is to strengthen the muscles of the legs.

 The most famous of them is going up the stairs “or the grandstands of sports stadiums” and here it is necessary to warm up first – fifteen minutes in the summer and twenty minutes in the winter – “followed by going up the stands quickly and going back down slowly to not damage the knee joint” provided that the duration of training on the runway is not less than 20 d ‘After that it took 10 minutes and I was relaxed at least.’  

 There are other exercises to strengthen the legs based on body weight only, in addition to therapeutic exercises to prevent injuries and ensure a balance of forces between the different leg muscles.” God is on the second page of the video library, and it is the last video on the page. This video is excellent and contains various special exercises. Watch it for your benefit.


  Finally, there are front, lower and side abdominal exercises / which are many and varied and available on You Tube   if you write (abdominal exercises for runners in English) and the most important thing is not to perform abdominal exercises with excessive extravagance – it was performed 500 repetitions, for example – and paying attention to focused exercises with the need to rest from performing those exercises For a day or two for abdominal exercises.

 We have put for you, praise be to God, a beautiful video of the best abdominal exercises, which is on the third page of the video library, and it is the second video on the following link.


The rest of the Swedish exercises – not in succession – weekly to give the body an opportunity to build muscle and to show the effect of growth hormones on the athlete’s body, and that is for all the muscles of the body, with the need to pay attention to proper nutrition with a protein content of at least 25 percent of the total calories taken daily. This protein was one of the animal proteins found in white meat, as is the case in birds, such as chicken, or in fish, and fresh milk and its products such as cottage cheese and fresh cream.

Or vegetable protein, which is good and includes legumes “the best of which are lentils, cowpeas and white beans” and it is desirable to eat legumes with grains in the same meal to raise the nutritional benefit, for example / beans – legumes – with rice and bread – cereals – “even if they have a piece of chicken for example / a quarter of a chicken, and a lemon squeeze On them, and on a green salad plate, it will be an excellent meal after the end of the exercise, about an hour or two at most.

For more information on nutrition, see the (Sports Nutrition) section of the sports website.

 Finally, we will include those exercises – abdominal exercises – and other Swedish exercises – aerobic exercises – for strengthening the body as a whole in training videos that we will put on the site and you will find most of them on the third page in a video library on the following link, with God’s help ….


  The second section / weight training.

 It is especially essential for the half-marathon and marathon runner to ensure that he is not damaged by the loss of muscle mass in the body as a result of strenuous exercises that exceed two hours of continuous running due to the fact that the body starts after that period and because it has depleted the glycogen stores in dismantling the muscles and converting them into energy for running.

 Weight exercises are numerous and need a detailed explanation, but we will explain to you the general and essential foundations in this important and vital section, and we will support it with distinct training videos explaining the optimal and most important exercises for the jogger, and we have already put some of them for you as we mentioned and there are other videos with the help of God.

 In order to go further in the science of bodybuilding, we will refer in this regard to books specialized in the field of bodybuilding and to trainers specialized in the field of bodybuilding.

  * But there is a very important advice, which is / that you should not carry heavy weights that exceed a third of the body weight as a whole – assuming that you do not suffer from obesity – because the heavy weight, other than that it may cause you injuries or deformation in the form of bones, such as bow legs, for example, and what follows that Those who are excluded from the military colleges, ‘it will not benefit you in competition, but will hinder you, so you will feel heavy and carry bags of sand with your feet, and for this we recommend doing many repetitions, starting from three and reaching with practice to five sets as a maximum.

 Example: A person with a height of 65 cm and 1 meter and a weight of 60 kg, then does not lift more than 20 kg in relation to the muscles of the chest and legs. As for the muscles of the back, the muscles of the arms and the muscles of the back leg only, it is preferable to have a lighter weight. , from its front counterpart, whether in the upper part of the body or the lower. As for the calf muscles in the athlete’s leg, the weight can be increased up to 25 to 30 kg. It is a muscle that bears weight and this rule is for an athlete who ran long distances and not for a professional bodybuilder or heavy weight boxer, as he needs to combine light weights for anatomy Muscular – as it is said – and heavy for the huge muscle mass, which is not commensurate with the long-distance sprint, as we have shown.

  – Knowing that there are large muscles, namely the muscles of the chest, back and thighs / and they bear from three groups or more, in the case of the diversity of the exercises performed – and we mean that you perform more than two training patterns to strengthen the same muscle – and the maximum group is twenty repetitions to avoid fatigue and prevent injuries. The number of diverse groups in which he performs different exercises for these large muscles shall not exceed twenty groups.

Example: A person with a height of 180 cm and a weight of 80 km will perform exercises to strengthen the chest muscles, using the bench device – as he knows – ‘after warming up by running for twenty minutes’ or switching on a fixed wheel or a regular wheel ‘and after making the basic stretches of the body in the upper part and even the lower part’ And do traditional pressure exercises four sets, each set ten repetitions and rest minutes.

 A weight is raised from 20 to 26 kg, by the athlete holding the bar a little wider than the width of the shoulders with a firm fist and without bending the wrist “whether the bench is level or tilted about 40 degrees” and then lowering the weight near the chest from the bottom – if the bench is level – or lowering it near The collar bone without touching it due to the weakness of that bony area – if the bench is tilted – while taking an inhale when descending ‘and lifting the weight while exhaling’ without making the bar rest on the chest for all.

If the player is a beginner, three sets, each set of 12 to 15 repetitions, will suffice. And rest is accurate, “with an indication of the possibility of performing other exercises for the chest muscles in the form of other training groups without the final total of those groups exceeding twenty groups to avoid injury, burning and muscle consumption from the intensity of training” without forgetting to warm up after training about twenty minutes, whether on a stationary bike or running an average The speed is followed by stretches and light swede, especially for the abdominal muscles, provided that there is always a bottle of water and fruits such as bananas, oranges or kiwis close to you when training, so you drink water every quarter of an hour and fruits are desirable every half an hour without overeating when exercising.

You can review the last video on the second page and the first video on the third page of the video library, as it contains useful exercises for men and women, the video mentioned at the end with the following link.


  – There are medium-sized muscles / such as the shoulders, and in the event of a variety of exercises with weights, no more than fifteen different training sets – any different training style or style – should be performed – each set from 12 to 20 repetitions as a maximum.

  And there are small muscles, which are the triceps of the forearm.

 The number of groups in the event of a variety of exercises should not exceed twelve groups.

Each set of 12 to 20 repetitions.

There is a good video for medium and small muscles, for both sexes, on the third page in the video book, number three on the page, and it contains various exercises. Enter the attached link.


 And there are muscles that can bear and need effort / it is the abdomen (and it needs many repetitions), see the video on the third page of the video library and its second number.

 Obesity (you need relatively heavy weights compared to the rest of the muscles).

 The athlete must train three times a week and not more with weights – especially the beginner

 Example: Training is on Saturdays – Mondays – and Wednesdays, and rest days are Sundays – Tuesdays and Thursdays. The rest is rest.

There are various forms of muscle distribution on the days, the most famous of which are the following.

 Saturday / back and chest – two large muscles – ‘and abdomen – a stamina muscle.

   Both shoulders (medium muscle), biceps, triceps and forearm (small muscles)

 Abdomen (endurance muscle)

 Wednesday / Legs (large muscle) calf (a muscle that bears a weight heavier than the rest of the leg)

 And finally, the abdomen – a muscle that bears -.

Muscular strength. After training, it is preferable to ride a bike for about a quarter of an hour at a good speed, and then run like them, whether on a stationary treadmill or in public places, as does the world champion / Haile Gebrselassie, who holds 27 world records in a sport that ran long distances after the end of gym training.GYM  ) ‘in the evening shift for him.

  *** And we see from our personal point of view – and we hope that God will not be wrong – ‘that the player prefers to perform, for example / sixty repetitions of the front leg muscle’ and stops even if he can perform more than that ‘as long as it becomes clear to him that he cannot perform more than sixty. Repetition of the muscles of the back legs,This is with the same weight assigned to the front leg muscle “for example / 15 kg or even 12 kg” for a person weighing 60 kg, and it seems that this does not agree with the principle “that the front muscle is supposed to be stronger than the back muscles,” but an athlete who ran long distances is supposed “that the muscles of his legs The hindquarters are stronger than their counterparts in the average person ‘and therefore a balance between both those front and rear muscles is required for good athletic performance’ and with time the posterior muscle will reach its strength to the front muscle ‘and what some see that this will not reach the front muscle of its greatest strength’ which is logical talk. But the front muscle does not work in running as much as the back muscle, as the latter pushes the athlete forward with the help of the calf muscles. The goal of strengthening the front muscles is to prevent injuries to the knee joint, in addition to ensuring that the legs are raised up in the event of running and thus widening the steps. In the latter, we must not forget Training the connective muscles with moderate weight and repetitionsWhich is proportional to that muscle without stressing it significantly, as it is a muscle that is not as strong as the front and back muscles of the legs, and we will review that personal opinion with more experienced champions than us in the field of bodybuilding exercises and professional long-distance running training. From the site, otherwise it will remain ‘the difference in opinion does not spoil the friendly issue’, all of which are mathematical jurisprudence.

  In the end, the most important thing is to warm up before and after training with weights while regulating breathing, inhale when lowering weight or when going down or relaxing, and exhale when lifting weight or standing with it or returning to a position of muscle tension as in abdominal exercises ‘with attention when lifting weights and focusing and not talking a lot

Paying attention to bars and other weights carried with the knowledge of others in the case of joint training to avoid any wrong performance that may result in injuries, and finally paying attention to nutrition and rest – sleeping early – and behavioral commitment, and good luck to all, God Almighty.

 (For more information in this regard, see in the same sense the book (The Right Way to Health and Body Building, prepared by the researcher Captain / Khaled Heikal) (Egyptian Federation of Bodybuilding Olympic Academy – Publisher Al-Fayrouz Cultural Library Tel: 01223357239 – Al-Ahram Distribution).

 Section III / Medical Ball Drills and Swiss Ball Drills (Super Professional Training)

They are very special exercises that lead to effective results for their practitioners, whether professional or amateur, ‘used to running’ and have a reasonable amount of physical fitness and physical ability to perform those super exercises, which need really strong abdominal muscles to perform them to reach the maximum fitness and muscular strength necessary for running distances. The long one is by strengthening the center of the body as a whole and training the abdomen without forgetting the transverse muscle – a horizontal muscle in the abdomen, which prevents the human gut from leaving its natural place and strengthening it is no less important than strengthening any muscle and it has Swedish exercises that we will show when viewing some videos of strengthening the center of the body and abdominal muscles in general Either with weights – with the medical ball, which must weigh between three and four kg for runners and not less or more than that – ‘or without heavy weights, as is the case with the Swiss ball training and other types of exercises that are preferably explained by audio and video to ensure their performance asTo ensure the safety of those who perform them, they are exceptional exercises for experienced athletes with a respectable level at the athletic level.

 There is an excellent video of Swiss football training available on the third page of Video Library No. 4 with the following link, which is excellent /


There is another good video for training with the medicine ball No. 5 and another for strengthening the center of the body No. 6, on the third page of the video library, watch them for their utmost importance.

 In the end, the athlete can perform these exercises after a normal training session “and we mean moderate general endurance exercises” example / after forty-five to fifty minutes of leisure took place “and after doing stretches” and after doing Swedish exercises of pressure and mindfulness and moderate Swedish abdominal exercises in order to prepare the muscles for those training patterns “You can start performing these special exercises” without forgetting to do calming exercises after completing them, such as running on the grass for ten minutes or switching on a stationary bike a little until a good sweat, and we will show you a special video showing the stretches after training on the following link /


Watching and benefiting well with the help of God Almighty.

Finally, we dedicate this enthusiastic video to encourage you as a beautiful gift, God willing, you will find it on the following link /


* And wait for us, God Almighty, in the coming period, as we will complete the articles section with two other branches – in principle – one of them will be related to information about the technique and style of running for long-distance runners, and the other is about how to prevent injuries caused by running, and how to treat simple ones If it happens, God forbid, and may God help you and guide us.

* All articles on the site are free of charge, and may not be used for any profit purposes in accordance with the Egyptian intellectual property law. Thank you. 

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