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In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful / Sports psychology and the mental preparation required to achieve victory

Al-Ghussein III / Sports Psychology and the Mental Preparation Required to Achieve Sports Achievement.

In the beginning, a matter must be stated that has a great impact on understanding the importance of mental and psychological preparation for athletes in general, and for an athlete who ran long distances in particular, which is / that in the Olympic marathon all competitors are at approximately the same level of high physical fitness, but what makes only three of them achieve glory The Olympic, by winning the first three places, winning and taking on the three metals, is the mental and psychological preparation by which the champion can overcome the intense feeling of fatigue and adapt to it in a way that makes him continue to run with the same efficiency despite the intense and intense race.

But the question is / what is required to achieve these results, whether in local championships or even running in major sporting events.

First / belief in God / and this saying is not from me only, but it has already been said by Olympic champions / Kahaili Geberslassi / as it is with faith in God that a person believes in himself and in his abilities and in his ability to withstand the hardships of racing and God helps him to overtake other competitors ‘If God helps you, you will not be overpowered’ and often The international champions talked about this matter, as some say that when he won the race, it was with the power and help of God. What God does not force only in God ) .

Finally, it must be known that by helping God you win, and what is meant by God’s help/is to believe in Him and to perform His obligatory duties regularly and not to do what is in violation of the Sharia, whether the athlete is Muslim or Coptic, the rule is general, and it is not permissible to assume that helping God means preventing others from committing wrong behavior by force, as this is totally and detailed rejected. Rather, he argued with them in a way that is best, and the argument was the argument.

Secondly / focus on performance / the athlete must focus during the competition, whether in a running way, where he raises his thighs to ensure the length of the step, which is known as “bounce” ) or move the shoulders smoothly “and regulate his breathing by taking three to four steps in the inhale and the same with the exhale.” He must also focus on The competitor in terms of his movements during the race or by focusing on hearing the competitor’s breathing, is he tired and the sound of his breathing is loud or relaxed and his breathing is calm and the athlete must be careful not to run an excessive distance, whether by trac while running away from the first lane or on the road when turning right or left away from the pavement without a lot From deviating from this focus when greeting the fans, for example, especially in the final and final stages of the race.

Third / Courage / Many runners are afraid to start with those who lead the race from other runners, but the athlete who wants to win and tries to keep pace with the great champions must run directly behind them and not in front of them to save the effort

And he must not let them widen the difference to him, whatever the plan followed by the competitor, and when the finish line is near, he must venture despite feeling tired and try to raise the pace in order to try to be alone in the lead to win – knowing that this assumes that the athlete has trained well and in an organized scientific method – and it must be done Always with this, and if you do not succeed in achieving the desired goals in your first races, you have to be patient and persevere until you reach the level that qualifies you to win in this way. The athlete in general and the champion in particular must fight during the competition to achieve the best possible performance. The athlete must know that challenging the self – that is, challenging the athlete himself More difficult than challenging others.

Finally, the most important thing must be clarified, which is to compete with honor. It is necessary not to shorten the course of the race and deceive the organizers – sooner or later your matter will be discovered, and you will be left with nothing but shame for violating the laws and regulations of honest competition and your lack of value in the eyes of other competitors – and you must stay away from doping, otherwise the result will be in The end, as before, must compete fairly.

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